We are able to offer the following services:

Picture Frames

  • Antique and second-hand frames for sale: over 800 frames are in stock.
  • Manufacture of new gilded frames in 18th and 19th century styles from our stock of mouldings, unique to us.
  • Copy carved wood frames from your originals.
  • Restoration and repair of frames, including re-carving.
  • Partial or complete re-gilding.
  • Cleaning dirty gilding.
  • Cutting down frames and providing a wide range of slips.

Pictures and Watercolours

  • A full restoration service for oil paintings, including lining and re-lining.
  • Cleaning, pressing and retouching watercolours and prints.
  • Panel work.
  • Handmade conservation mounts in all styles. Washlines, gilded mounts, spandrels and vere eglomise.
  • Fitting up pictures, including mirrors, conservation glass and/or spacers.

We are happy to offer advice on all aspects of framing, restoration and hanging of pictures and other objects. Expert impartial advice given on the condition and likely cost of restoring pictures or frames offered for auction. Free estimates given on pieces brought to our gallery. We have over 20 years experience and the vast majority of the services are carried out "in house".


  1. "If you want to have something restored, shop around and get quotes"
  2. "Ask to look at work that has been done by the restorer"
  3. "Always go on recommendations"
  4. "Mutually decide how far they want to go with the work"
  5. "Make your judgement carefully"
  6. "A notorious problem with picture restoration is that it can take longer than you think"
  7. "Set a price before you begin and write it down"
  8. "The next couple of years will be a good time to buy antiques"
  9. "Nearly anything can be restored"
  10. "A picture will always look better if it's presented in a frame contemporaneous with the date of the picture"