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Rural Landscape
Thomas Hand

  Thomas Hand 18th century british painting

An Arcadian Landscape
French School

c 1790
  French school 18th century painting

Portrait of the 2nd Marquis of Sligo
Sir William Beechey

  William Beechey british 19th century painting

Celadon and Amelia
From the studio of Richard Wilson

c 1770
  Richard Wilson 18th century english painting

Landscape in Yorkshire
Francis Nicholson

c 1810
  Francis Nicholson 19th century english painting

Shipping in the English Channel
Peter Monamy

c 1730
  Peter Monamy Shipping in the English Channel

An English Sublime Landscape
Attributed to Joseph Farringdon

c 1790
  Joseph Farringdon 18th century english painting

Portrait of Lt James Dawn of the Bombay
Native Infantry and his wife
Attributed to George Duncan Beechey

c 1847
  George Duncan Beechey 19th century british painting

Portrait of a Lady
From the circle of John Hoppner

c 1810
  John Hoppner 19th century british painting

Stormy Landscape (Nottingham Castle)
Henry Dawson

  Henry Dawson 19th century british painting

A still Life of English Flowers
Attributed to John Baker

c 1760
  John Baker 18th century british painting

Portrait of Field Marshall Viscount Hardinge
From the Studio of Sir Thomas Lawrence

c 1830
  Sir Thomas Lawrence 19th century british painting

A Sportsman in a Landscape with his Corgis
Attributed to William Williams

c 1770
  William Williams 18th century british painting

A portrait of Ralph Allen (of Bath)
Enoch Seeman

c 1752
  Enoch Seeman 18th century english painting

A portrait of the 2nd Earl of Milltown
Robert Hunter

  Robert Hunter 18th century english painting